Monday, October 20, 2008


The instructions available within the program itself ,appearing on the screen as needed, that free the users from referring to the written document.The instruction are clear, complete, concise and well formatted on the screen.There is also have the instruction for ending the program if the users want to stop.Beside that, in the event that program crashes or ends unexpectedly, there is instruction for continuing rather than forcing the users to return to the beginning.There is no games formatted in that program.


The animation in the CD while the program is running does not invite reaction or input also does not motivate through humor but the animation minimise static boredom to users.The sound add to the understanding of the teaching point.

The graphics include in the CD make information more attractive.It make easier to user in memorization of key information since the graphics aid are easy to understand.

The colour provide in that program enhance the impact and legibility of the screen.Its very interesting.The program require no scrolling when reading the information.The font chosen are legibility.In addition, the program help learners to develop understanding by providing useful links.Moreover,each screen include a well laid out combination of text and graphics/animation which work together to make a particular point clear.

The content of the program fit well into the local school curriculum at the grade level for which it is intended and all the information provided are factually correct.The visual aids and all the diagrams in the program technically accurate and well designed.The program using a simple vocabulary level compatible with the reading level of the intended student users.The content is delivered according to main idea or the big picture and followed with supporting ideas.Beside that, the program requires learner to complete certain based tasks before they allowed to moved on proceeding through the content.

The bad things about the program is the student cannot contact the other student in the same program through email or chat.Beside that, the contact person or address is not available for technical help.

The program allowed student to be active, collaborative, and reflective in knowledge construction.The program enable learners discover program freely and give a chances to the students/learners exit the program at anytime.